Our Story



L Rempel Art is a hobby turned inspiration that evolved into a passion that has become our great joy. I (Lindsay) have been painting for a decade, drawing my inspiration from nature and our travel experiences. We love new experiences and treasure travelling as a family.

The work starts in my studio. We were originally in Alberta Canada, but most recently, we've been travelling North America. I am always working on new stuff and often post behind the scenes glimpses on my instagram @LREMPELART and on my Facebook page "Lindsay Rempel Art."

I started turning my paintings into textiles a few years ago. I wanted to have art that could be more functional in our everyday lives and cultivate a culture of value instead of just "more". 

I carefully create, edit, print and design my work to be something treasured in your home and your life; Whether its wrapping a little one or drying your dishes. 

In the beginning, I sewed everything myself (Call me crazy!) I was joined by my husband, Jeff, in the spring of 2018 who brings his project management skills to our team and allows us to grow and travel at the same time. Now, we work directly with artisans in China, India, Canada and the USA to carefully and ethically produce L Rempel Art products. By sourcing directly, I have access to pure cottons, organic inks, and high quality textures. Most importantly, we control the product from start to finish, allowing us to keep quality and pricing stable. 

I love what I do , and I am so happy to share them with you.